3r Computers OÜ – Your IT partner

3r Computers OÜ frees your business of the expense and expertise needed to build computer networks, maintain computers and printers, or to establish a server farm.

Our service is faster, more affordable, more secure, and more professional than most other IT businesses, while keeping everything in-house. Focus on the main priorities of your business and leave the IT management to us.

We employ 15 IT specialists, most of whom are Microsoft certified, with others having several industry certificates. Several of our employees have degrees in IT management. Our IT specialists, support staff, and their certificates are listed here.

3r? What does that mean?

This is one of the questions we are most frequently asked. No, it’s not radius times three or three times Fridays.

Once upon a time, Risto, Rita, and Reedik got together.

It turned out that we have similar strict expectations of how work should be done, similar visions for the development of an IT company, and skill sets that complement each other nicely!

So, 3r was born!

What is of vital importance for 3r Computers?


We make our clients’ business activity easier through professional and trustworthy IT management.


To have the largest market share of IT managed services in Estonia, and to be an example to others in the field with our knowledge and customer service.