logistics portal

3R Computers have been supporting us with IT support from the establishing of MyDello logistics portal.

Our cooperation have always been very good and we really appreciate 3R fast reaction time.

Together we have always found the most suitable solutions for our needs.

Siimu Kaas
MyDello OÜ CTO


Mutual trust and understanding are what best characterizes their service. They keep all their promises and offer us the best possible solutions.

When they come to address a problem, the people from 3r Computers are fast and serious. The construction of the system values simplicity and practicality.

Heiki Liiser
SLO Eesti AS
CEO / Baltic Region Manager

Orlen Eesti OÜ has been a Client of 3R Computers team for more than decade. During this time collaboration with them has worked very well and we are very pleased with the whole team.

Quick and flexible response to any problem, expert advice and professionalism has ensured long-term pleasant cooperation. Full transparency about the work executed and detailed reporting build necessary trust and confidence in our relation.

Waldemar Król
Member of the Board
Orlen Eesti OÜ

Telora Engineering Agency and 3r Computers have worked together since 2009. They were referred to us and, looking back on our long partnership, we would also recommend them with 100% confidence.
We have appreciated their personal approach to situations and employees, their quick and appropriate reaction, transparency in monitoring and accountability in ongoing projects, but also the ability to see the „big picture“ and initiate developments in hardware and software.
To this day, we haven’t had a single reason to consider changing service providers.

Airi Laanemaa
Telora Engineering Agency

Our partnership with 3r Computers has gone very smoothly and we are very pleased with their team. As a client who doesn’t know much about IT, we are thankful for patient instruction in terms that even a novice can understand. Your technical support staff are very pleasant and helpful. Whether we have called for help or used remote access, the assistance has been quick and easy. When we have needed to purchase equipment, you haven’t just made general suggestions, but have taken our specific needs into account and offered the best solutions possible just for us. I would also like to mention your precision – there is always an overview of reports and the work you have accomplished.

Neeme Tammis
Hansabuss Member of the Board

We chose 3r Computers as our IT management partners in September of 2009 when we needed an operational, effective and trustworthy “IT quick reaction squad”. Today, I can confess that the choice made at that time has been justified in every possible way – the IT management service you have provided has been impeccable from conception to execution.
Therefore I recommend them to everyone wholeheartedly.

Urmas Kernu
AAA Patent Agency LTD Board Member

Hansabuss has been a client of 3r Computers for more than 15 years. Hansabuss is a business that wants to offer its clients excellent service and experiences, therefore we can truly appreciate everything that 3r Computers offers. Their business model works well for small and medium businesses, since it eliminates the need to keep expensive IT specialists and support on their staff. They have always offered us a reasonable solution in a quickly growing IT environment.

Sergei Vahnitski
Hansabuss CEO

Thanks to you, our business is free of IT problems and our employees have a much more relaxed and friendly demeanour. Since eating makes you hungrier, then thanks to your professional specialists and personal approach and competence, a lot of things in our IT infrastructure were changed for the better. Additionally, we are grateful for the workshops which have helped people use the IT resources more effectively. In a word, GOOD RESULTS – EVERYTHING GOOD! We hope our partnership continues to be just as effective and pleasant.

Rene Maajärv
VBH Estonia AS IT director

Eesti Pagar has been a client of 3r Computers for nearly 20 years. In that time 3r Computers has thoroughly learned the needs of our business and thanks to that and their professionalism, their consultants can offer exactly the best solutions we need.

Their quick and flexible approach to problems, expert advice, and reasonable pricing has ensured a trust-filled and pleasant long-term partnership.

Külli Pärt
Eesti Pagar AS Director