Get Microsoft 365 for your business!

We have implemented hundreds of Microsoft 365 solutions. Based on our experience and by mapping the needs of your business, we can help determine the package that is just right for you.

We can help you create and set up user profiles and accounts, install MS Offic software, migrate emails, documents, files, etc.

We can lead training sessions.

We support subsequent managemen.

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microsoft 365

Work from wherever you wish

Microsoft 365 allows work to happen wherever, whenever, on whatever device – for large companies, small companies, and even home users.

The package includes:

  • MS Office applications (Word, Excel , PowerPoint and others), which you can use on your computer as well as your smartphone or tablet;
  • Email service (Outlook) including a 50 GB mailbox;
  • Web-based for organization and streamlining work;
  • HD videoconferencing.

The full Microsoft 365 software can be installed on PCs and Macs – up to five computers with one license.

Since the pricing is subscription-based, there’s no need to pay a large licensing fee up front.

We can offer Microsoft 365 to our clients for a very low price – starting at €6,72/month.

Why to choose Microsoft 365

Efficient – organizing work is simple

Planning meetings and using common calendars in Outlook is easy.
Organizing video conferencing through Teams (Skype for Business) is effective.

Convenient – work from wherever you wish

Access files from any location, on any device.
You can synchronize your email, calendars and contacts with your smartphone.


Automatic backup in the cloud to avoid the risk of computer theft or destruction.
Document version management.


Employees can view and edit documents at the same time, both online and in the workplace.
You can always use the latest software version.