Information systems monitoring

Information systems monitoring, or the proactive overseeing of information systems, is a service most valued by companies that need to ensure that their information system remains stable and that complications that could accompany a problem are avoided.

Our proactive monitoring service is done using Nagios software, which monitors the function of the client’s (IT) devices and systems and their correspondence to defined norms and parameters.

How does proactive information system monitoring function technically?

For early detection of possible faults, the monitoring server contacts the monitoring agent in the client’s server at 5-15 minute intervals.

For any problems, we will react within the timeframe specified in the contract.

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Information systems monitoring means:

  • we keep track of the reliability of network devices by monitoring the workings of interfaces, the network device processors, and resource usage;
  • we monitor the reliability of network services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, PING etc.);
  • we monitor the reliability of servers – disk system fulfilment, device workload, and the applications running on the server;
  • we monitor the system processes and application logs;
  • we gather statistical information regarding devices in order to pre-empt bottlenecks;
  • we identify bottlenecks in server resources;
  • we track backup functions.

This list of monitored devices and services is not exhaustive – we will arrange it all especially for you.

Why to choose monitoring



We keep track of the reliability of network devices and resource usage. We identify bottlenecks in the systems.


We monitor the system processes, application logs and track backup functionality.


We monitor servers and network devices – disks, device load, running applications and with that ensuring reliability.