Network and security solutions: firewall, Wi-Fi, network equipment and licences.

The next-generation security solution protects your company’s private network and prevents malware from spreading on the intranet.

Our security solutions include a next-generation firewall, Wi-Fi devices and other necessary network devices as well as the accompanying software licences.

The next-generation devices enable the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and two-step verification which ensures a secure connection to the company’s internal network over an unsecured network. A VPN connection guarantees a secure connection even for users away from the office and allows you to connect the networks of multiple offices into one network.

A fast and stable network solution is fundamental to the effective and successful functioning of a company.

Sample packages

  • Next-generation firewall
  • Business class Wi-Fi device
  • Anti-malware
  • Web filter
  • External threat management
  • Application control
  • VPN
  • Firmware updates
  • Number of employees
  • Separate Wi-Fi networks for employees and guests




per month

  • 2 x per year
  • up to 25
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Firewall + Wi-Fi



per month

  • 2 x per year
  • up to 25
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per month

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What does the network and security solution entail


We train employees to use the updated system.


We prepare recovery plans and provide a replacement device.


We build the IT network and set the security levels.


We rent software and hardware and perform their installation.


We take our customer’s needs and security requirements into account and ensure that they are met.