Data backup and recovery

Do you really need to back up your data? Nothing in the world is permanent, and even the most reliable server can fail. Add in the possibility of human error, and the importance of backing up your data becomes more and more clear. A company’s most important resource is its people, and of course, you do what you can to care for them. Data is the next most important thing, and it should be cared for as well.

Data should be backed up periodically. You can back up:

  • servers and databases;
  • user documents;
  • virtual environments;
  • emails, etc.

With our data backup service, we can restore your business’ data in the event of data loss, accidents, or crypto and ransomware attacks – even back to a state several months old! This means your business-critical data is always accessible.
It is even possible if you want data backed up for several years using Veeam Logo software.

Is our data backup service safe?

We keep your data secure in our cloud – outside of your computer network location.

Data backup is based on the needs of your company.

Your business will only pay for the amount of backup that it actually uses. Cloud-based backup is very affordable, even for small businesses.